Wilhelm & Associés has a leading litigation and arbitration practice.

At the pre-litigation phase, the firm works to determine the best strategy to adopt, in the best interest of its client, particularly by resolving disputes through alternative channels (mediation and conciliation). The firm is also regularly involved in arbitration.

In the event litigation is pursued, the firm acts before civil, commercial, criminal and administrative courts, as well as before independent administrative authorities.

With its network of partner law firms, Wilhelm & Associés can also assist clients before foreign courts.

The firm regularly strengthens its resources in litigation and arbitration through the support of law professors, with whom it has formed strong ongoing working relationships, as well as economic and finance experts.


Wilhelm & Associés put in place a method for providing strategic advice that prioritizes factors based on analyzing sectoral legal issues and their foreseeable changes. The same approach is applied in disputes where the adoption of strategy to be followed is as critical as the legal arguments that are elaborated.

The firm relies on a solid network of partners in every area of consulting in order to widen its scope of analysis.

In the area of strategic legal advice, the firm has a solid track-record, both in France and abroad, of advising companies and managers on managing their external growth transactions and in disputes.


The real estate sector continuously evolves because it is directly impacted by economic fluctuations and the strengthening of legal and regulatory restrictions.

In order to adapt to this complex and evolving environment, business players require legal support at every stage of their projects, including in identifying and acquiring control of assets and sites to be developed, in preparing requests for administrative approvals and during the promotional phase.

Its thorough knowledge of sectorissues, coupled with its specialized legal expertise and evident pragmatism, allow the firm to provide responses that are tailored to clients’ needs.

The firm has the ability to facilitate informed decision-making, in providing feasible and personalized solutions that are implemented in a secure legal framework.


The opening up of different sectors to competition and the subsequent development of specific sectoral regulations, led Wilhelm & Associés to get involved in the area of regulated businesses (communications, audiovisual, financial markets, online gaming, urban planning, etc.) et make it a central focus of its practice.

The firm developed recognized expertise for its role in several precedent-setting matters in regulated sectors, particularly in the audiovisual, urban planning and online gaming sectors.




The distribution sector has been at the core of Wilhelm & Associés’ activity since the firm was founded, and has contributed to the development of its competition – distribution – commercial development practices.

The advised several French and foreign firms in handling key economic and legal issues in the distribution sector which is constantly evolving, at every stage of the value chain, from manufacturing to customer sales.

At a time when e-commerce is truly disrupting traditional business models, the firm has already gained recognized expertise in analyzing the competitive impact of internet service providers, and it advised on the very first cases where competition authorities recognized physical and online sales were part of the same market.

The firm is involved in organizing, protecting and developing distribution networks, and ensuring that commercial practices are in compliance with French and European rules.


Urban planning and commercial development are at the heart of Wilhelm’s public law practice, particularly in relation to its distribution law expertise.

After decades of assisting major chains, developers and estates in their establishment and expansion projects, essentially dictated by business needs, the firm is now assisting clients with the changes needed to achieve their projects.

Beyond the firm’s traditional advice provided in structuring transactions, performing due diligence and acting in dispute resolution, it provides complete support in the consideration that should be given to choosing sites, in the analysis of urban planning and zoning documents and in weighing new environmental constraints.

This know-how allows the firm to frequently act in large commercial projects that impact the development of real urban neighborhoods or the restructuring of existing commercial zones.


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