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The Firm is very concerned about protection of your privacy.

The hereby cookie policy (hereafter referred to as “the Policy) aims at informing users of (hereinafter the “Website”) of storage and use of cookies while navigating the Website and the means accessible to set the functioning of cookies.

The Policy may be modified at any time and those modifications will take effect immediately.

You are asked to refer to the latest version of the Policy.

By continuing navigation on the Website after acknowledgment the Policy, you accept the use of cookies conformingly to our Policy, unless you have deactivated them.


A “cookie” or “marker” is a limited-in-size file, generally constituted of letters and numbers, created and stored in your browser’s memory located in the hard drive of your advice (computer, tablet, mobile) when consulting a website, reading an email, installing or using a software of an mobile app.

Cookies allow to store temporarily anonymous information about users and use of a website.


The Firm can be brought to install, subject to your choice, different cookies and particularly security / functionality / statistics cookies.

Here is the detail of the different categories of cookies active on the Website:

Internal cookies necessary for the functioning of the Website

_icl_current_language : This cookie is used to associate a language of a website to a user.

External cookies for audience measurement:

Our partners may install cookies on your computer. They store information on the content of your research on our Website. Those cookies are anonymous and do not contain any personal information. Those cookies are managed by those partners.

Google Analytics :

ga : This cookie is used to identify users of the Website via the users’ IP addresses.

gat : This cookie is used to limit the number of simultaneous requests in order to avoid bugs

gid : This cookie is used to identify the Website users via their IP address (which are stored 24h)


Your consent to storage of cookies for the Website will be considered as given if :

– You have continued navigating the Website after clicking “I Accept” on the banner informing about use of cookies, or on an item of the Website such as an image, a title, a button etc. or by navigating on any other page different from the page visited while first navigating the Website

– You have continued navigating the Website, without configuring the settings of the markers, after clicking on the “Knowing more” button of the banner informing about the use of cookies.


Your consent is valid for a period of thirteen month running from the first storage on your device.


If you wish to limit or block all cookies stored on our Website or any other websites or apps, you can do so by visiting the settings in your web browser. The “Help” function of your web browser will show you the procedure.

Non detailed version :

– Chrome :

– Internet Explorer :

– Firefox:

– Safari :

Detailed version  :

You can deactivate cookies by following the instructions as follow :

From Internet Explorer 

–  In Internet Explorer, click on the “Tools” button, then on “Internet Options”

–  Under the General tab, under browsing history, click on “Configuration”

–  Click on the “Display Files” button

–  Click on the header of the column “Name” to sort files in alphabetic order, then browse the list until you see files starting with the prefix Cookie (all cookies have this prefix and usually contain the name of the website which created it)

–  Select them and delete them

–  Close the window contain the list of all files, then click twice on “OK” to go back to Internet Explorer

From Mozilla Firefox 

–  Go in the tab “Tools” of your browser and select the menu “Options”

–  When the window shows, choose “Privacy” and click on “Show the cookies”

–  Select them and delete them

From Safari 

–  In your browser, choose the menu “Edition > Preferences

–  Click on “Safety”

–  Click on “Show the cookies”

–  Select the and delete them

–  After deleting, click on “Finish”

From Google Chrome 

–  Click on the menu icon “Tools”

–  Select “Tools”

–  Click on the tab “Advanced Options” and go to the Confidentiality section

–  Click on the button “Display cookies”

–  Select them and delete them

–  Click on “Close” to go back to your browser

Other Internet browser

Visit the Help section (generally accessible by clicking on the “Help” tab or by pressing the F1 key of your keyboard)

Limitation or restriction of cookies on you browsed can modify access conditions to certain services of our Website

For more information about cookies, we suggest you visit the CNIL website


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